Ecovortek Company

Ecovortek P/L researches, designs, develops and manufactures products at a competitive price, that are innovative, high quality and enhance human and environmental life.

Ecovortek’s focus has been on researching and developing vortex technology applied to improving the quality of water. The technology has also been used in treating bottled drinks and waste products including effluent.

Ecovortek prides itself with manufacturing a high quality product that compares favourably in both performance and price with its competitors.

Ecovortek is actively working to establish a distribution network for its leading products both nationally in Australia and internationally.

Ecovortek is committed to further research and development to make continued improvements to its existing products as well as developing new ones.

Our Name

The name “Ecovortek” describes the concept behind the technology. The name is derived from “ecological, vortex and technology” hence eco-vor-tek.

Company Details

Ecovortek Pty Ltd
Registered in South Australia
ABN 62 007 894 304

5 Giles Rd

Willunga S.A. 5172


Phone: (+61) 8 8388 5611

For Commercial enquires Call Ian Hobbs (+61) 0417 877 127

For Domestic enquires Call Brian Dempsey (+61) 0418 807 529

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