Companion Unit Installation Instructions


Thank you for purchasing an Ecovortek Companion Unit

Installation instructions for water mains:

  1. Ecovortek Companion unit

    Ecovortek Companion unit

    Choose a location at least one metre away from any electricity source eg mains supply, meter box or appliance such as an electric motor or pump.

  2. Turn off the water supply.
  3. The Unit can be fitted to a 13 mm (1/2″) copper pipe with “kinko” nuts.
  4. Cutting marks: Place the Unit against the pipe where it is to be installed.   Using a marker, mark the full length of the Unit on the pipe (ie with out fittings).   The Unit is to be installed in-line between the two marks on the pipe.   The pipe or any other fittings must not protrude into the Unit after installation.   Any fittings may have to be shortened so as not to protrude and block off the flow of water.
  5. Guide marks: Mark two lines on the pipe approx 30 mm outside the two cutting points.   Once the pipe is cut, these guide marks should be clearly visible and used as a guide to enable the Unit to be centred between the ends of the cut pipe and hence not allowing the pipe to protrude into the Unit.
  6. Cut the copper pipe with a hacksaw or a tube cutter at the two cutting points.
  7. Remove any burrs & clean the remaining pipe 50 mm from each end with a cloth.
  8. Fit in Line.   The Unit must be installed correctly so that water flows into the inlet and out of the outlet.   The direction of water flow is indicated by an arrow engraved on the outside case of the unit (ie Type A and Type C units).   If there is no arrow engraved on the outside of the case of the unit it may be installed in either direction (ie Type B units).   Fit the Ecovortek Unit using kinko nuts & thread tape equally between the guide marks.
  9. Turn the water back on & ensure there are no leaks.
  10. The unit can be connected to poly pipe or UPVC pipe with readily available approved fittings from a plumbing supplier.
  11. Protect Unit from extreme climatic temperatures ie temperatures below 1ºC and above 50ºC.


This unit contains magnets and therefore should not be stored or permanently installed near sensitive electrical devices such as video recorders or computer disks.

Ecovortek Units must be located at least two metres away from any electro-magnetic field.

Ecovortek Units can be damaged by lightning.   Exposure to lightning strikes must be avoided.

Ecovortek Units musts be protected from and must not be exposed to temperatures below 1ºC and above 50ºC.

Hygiene, installation and appropriate use of the Ecovortek Unit are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.   Ecovortek Pty Ltd accepts no liability if the purchaser fails in this responsibility.



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