Ecovortek Water Dispenser Unit

Thank you for purchasing an Ecovortek Water Dispenser

Setting up your Ecovortek Water Dispenser:

  1. Ecovortek water dispenser unit

    Ecovortek water dispenser unit

    Wash the Water Dispenser with fresh clean water prior to use.

  2. Thoroughly wash and flush your Ecovortek water dispenser unit before using it.
  3. Remove the nut on the back of the tap and screw the Ecovortek unit in its place ensuring that the two rubber washers are retained on either side of the water dispenser.
  4. Fill it with water from your tap, rainwater tank or spring water bottle & leave it for three to four hours before using it the first time.
  5. To optimise the performance of your Ecovortek Water Dispenser the water level must be kept at least two centimetres above the top of the Ecovortek Unit eg always kept the level of your water Dispenser over half full.

Water Dispenser Hygiene

The Water Dispenser Unit must be cleaned and sanitised every four weeks.

  The most convenient time to do this is when the Water Dispenser is empty or needs refilling.
  1. Drain the Water Dispenser.
  2. Clean the external surfaces of the Water Dispenser with warm water & mild detergent.
  3. Fill the Water Dispenser with clean tap water and add four commercial anti-bacterial sterilising tablets or a 2% hydrogen peroxide solution.   Flush a little of the solution through the tap.
  4. Let stand for at least one hour or preferably overnight then drain through the tap.
  5. Rinse with clean hot water and drain through the tap (several times if necessary) until no anti-bacterial taste remains.
  6. Wipe the neck and shoulder of any bottle that is to be up ended and placed into the Water Dispenser with a damp cloth or paper towel and place bottle on the Water Dispenser without touching the neck, shoulder or opening of the bottle with bare hands.


This unit contains magnets and therefore should not be stored or permanently installed near sensitive electrical devices such as video recorders or computer disks.

Ecovortek Units should be located at least one metre away from any electro-magnetic field.

Ecovortek Units can be damaged by lightning.   Exposure to lightning strikes must be avoided.

Ecovortek Units musts be protected from and must not be exposed to temperatures below 1ºC and above 50ºC.

Hygiene, installation and appropriate use of the Ecovortek Unit are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.   Ecovortek Pty Ltd accepts no liability if the purchaser fails in this responsibility.



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