Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ecovortek Technology — How It Works

A. After many years in business Andrew turned his attention back to static-electricity in the late 1990s. It is well known in science that ‘electromagnetic induction’ is the product of a voltage across a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field. Andrew applied this principle to water. The resultant Ecovortek technology is patented.

Ecovortek units produce an electrostatic charge when water or other fluids pass through it. The charge ionises the water to produce a number of different results:





Q. Do I need to change anything?

A. No.  There are no replacement parts needed in any of the Ecovortek units.

Q. Is any maintenance required?

A. No.  There are no moving parts in any Ecovortek units so there is nothing to wear out.

Q. How long will they last?

A. A long time.  Ecovortek units are make from marine grade stainless steel internally and stainless steel and high grade plastic externally.  They are built to last.

Q. Are they easy to install?

A. Yes.  Ecovortek units are very easy to install.  Ecovortek recommends that customers use a certified plumber to install an Ecovortek unit.  Once the inlet pipe is exposed in a typical household situation, several common fittings are needed and less than one hour will complete the installation.

Q. Where is the best place to install an Ecovortek unit in my home.

A. A Universal Ecovortek unit is best installed just after the water meter usually found just inside the front fence.  If it is installed before any taps then the treated water can be used for the whole house and garden.

Q. Does Ecovortek soften the water in my home?

A. Yes.  Many customers comment on the soft feeling of the water and women comment using less detergent for washing clothes and dishes and having softer hair after washing.  There is no change in the chemical measurement of water hardness – scientists are puzzled.

Q. Will Ecovortek get rid of calcium scale on my taps and appliances?

A. Yes.  In most household cases removal of calcium and magnesium scale will take a couple of months.  Where there is movement of water it will flush the scale away little bit by little bit until there is a small residue left which will remain.  Ecovortek treated water will not remove scale on the outside of a tap where water settles and dries but with regular cleaning the scale will reduce.

Q. Will Ecovortek treated water extend the life of my appliances.

A. Yes.  In hard water areas where hot water services, HWS, are replaced every two years customers have doubled the life of their HWS and reduced the scale in kettles, toilets and dish washers.  One of the Company directors living in Willunga, South Australia, installed an Ecovortek unit in 1999.  He bought the property in 1997 and has not replaced his HWS which normally lasts about 8-9 years in his town.

Q. Will it help my garden?

A. Yes.  Customers comment on how much greener their lawns are and how they stay green in hot summer weather.  Many plants grow faster and fruiting plants have increased yields.



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