Installation Instructions: Universal Unit

Instructions for Installation of 15mm & 22mm models

Thank you for purchasing an Ecovortek Universal Unit

Installation instructions for a standard mains water 20mm (¾”) copper pipe 

Water can flow in either direction through the Universal Unit so therefore it can be installed either way around.

Below ground installation: 

  1. Choose a location at least one metre away from any electricity source eg mains electricity supply or appliance such as an electric motor or pump.
  2. Turn off the water supply.
  3. Excavate the site to expose enough of the existing piping to allow fitting.
  4. The 15mm or 22 mm Unit can be fitted to a 20 mm (3/4″) copper pipe using 2 x 20mm kinko nuts and 2 nylon olives.
  5. Lay the Ecovortek unit alongside the exposed copper pipe in its desired position. Mark the length of the Ecovortek unit on the copper pipe. (Guide marks see Photo A)

    cutting marks for ecovortek install

    Photo A

  6. Place cutting marks approx 20mm inside of each of the guide marks for
    Photo B

    Photo B

    22mm unit (15mm for 15mm unit). Each guide mark allows for insertion of copper pipe into the unit.  This means the copper pipe section to be removed is approx 40mm shorter (30mm for 15mm unit) than the Ecovortek unit. (see Photo A)

  7. Cut the pipe & remove all burrs from the end & clean 50 mm from each endof the pipe with a cloth to removeany dirt.
  8. Slide the kinko nuts and olives onto each end of the copper pipe. (see Photo B)
  9. Place the Ecovortek unit inline centring the unit using the guide marks.

    Photo C

    Photo C

  10. Hand tighten the nuts.  Finally tighten using two spanners. (See PhotoC)
  11. Turn the water back on and ensure there are no leaks.  Re-tighten kinko nuts or add extra tape if needed.
  12. Backfill soil around the unit.  It is recommended you use quartzite sand to surround the unit and portion of the pipework approaching the house.  This may help with location during subsequent digging.

Other types of piping:

  1. The 22 mm Ecovortek unit can be fitted to different sizes and materials of pipes.  If a smaller 5/8” copper pipe is present it may be necessary to flare the ends and use appropriate fittings.  Ecovortek units can be installed to poly butylene, PVC and poly pipes using the appropriate plumbing fittings.

Above ground installation:

Where it is necessary to install the unit above ground the following precautions should be undertaken.

  1. Follow the instructions above that relate to fitting the Ecovortek unit below ground ie No 1-11 above.
  2. The Unit must be protected from extreme climatic temperatures (see “Attention” below).  Cover if required.


  1. This unit contains magnets and therefore should not be stored or permanently installed near sensitive electrical devices such as video recorders or computer disks.
  2. Ecovortek Units should be located at least one metre away from the source of any electro-magnetic field.
  3. Water treated by an Ecovortek unit must not carry an electrical charge greater than 10 milli-volts
  4. Ecovortek Units musts be protected from and must not be exposed to temperatures below 1ºC and above 50ºC.
  5. The Ecovortek unit has a maximum operating pressure of 1250 kPa.


Water Industry Alliance