All installations of Ecovortek Units shall comply with the following criteria:

– Ecovortek Units contain magnets and therefore should not be stored or permanently installed near sensitive electrical devices such as video recorders or computer disks.
– Ecovortek Units should be located at least one metre away from the source of any electro-magnetic field. (Test with a magnetic field meter.)
– Ecovortek Units can be damaged by lightning. Exposure to lightning strikes must be avoided.
– Please ensure that the earth for the electricity supply for the house or building is not attached to the water piping.
– All water to be treated by an Ecovortek Unit must not carry an electrical charge greater than 10 milli-volts. (Test with a multi-meter to ground.)
– Ecovortek Units musts be protected from and must not be exposed to temperatures below 1°C and above 50°C.
– Hygiene, installation and appropriate use (to treat water) of the Ecovortek Unit are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Ecovortek Pty Ltd accepts no liability if the purchaser fails in this responsibility.





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