What Is Water?

“Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”

When the ancient mariner spoke these words he was standing on a boat surrounded by an ocean of salt water. Times have changed and I wonder if he would say these same words if he were floating down the Murray River on a houseboat, or pumping water from anyone of the many bores in the Langhorn Creek grape growing area in South Australia?

Water is becoming an increasingly sellable commodity and yet it is a basic requirement for the good health of our bodies as well as the health of animals and plants. We live on the blue planet or water planet in our solar system and yet much of our fresh water is not so fresh anymore.

So what is Water?

If I remember nothing else from my school days the one thing that sticks in my mind is that my science teacher described water as H2O. After studying water for a number of years, my day to day experience tells me nothing could be further from the truth. The main constituents may be hydrogen and oxygen but depending on ionisation many other chemicals will stick to these two elements. In other words depending on its history water can take on many different forms.

Some of these forms include rainwater, river water, spring water and mains water. Rain water falls out of the sky and can be negatively ionised by lighting, water from rivers near their source is aerated as it bubbles and tumbles over para-magnetic rocks, spring water comes from under ground bringing many minerals with it and mains water has chemicals mixed with it to kill all of the pathogens living in it. It can be effected energetically depending on its location and movement and it can take on homeopathic frequencies.

The movie “The Last of the Mohicans” starts with a chase. Two Indian braves are chasing a deer. One Indian comes across a small stream and places his hand in the water to read the message in the water and see if the deer had passed through it. He decided the deer had not gone through the water so he turned around and set off in the other direction. Can American Indians really read the water?

There are many stories about water, some scientifically proven, some observed in trials or commonly observed by the man (and woman) on the land, some grasp scientific facts to explain what they think is going on and some stories are simply fantasies from fairy tales. Scientists for instance know a lot of information about the chemical construction of water but very little of the physical attributes. A small number of naturalists observe time and time again many physical occurrences that science just can’t explain. When you look deeply into water, it is a mystery and there is much to learn.

Water- Made for Life

Irrigation Australian National Conference was held on 4-5 June 2014 in Queensland. It is interesting to see the phrase ‘Water for Life’ being part of their promotion. Hopefully awareness of the importance of the quality of water and its necessity for life and health is increasing in mainstream business and government.

Pigs drink treated water

Dr. Brian Hardy, a South Australian Animal nutrition expert is visiting China in June 2014 to advise Chinese Farmers on best methods to provide better nutrition for healthier pigs leading to better quality pork.  Dr Hardy has been aware of the importance of good quality water to better assimilate food for growing pigs.  He has been involved in trials with Ecovortek and is impressed with its potential with weight gain and reduced mortality.  Dr Hardy was fascinated by the positive response of pigs to the treated water.




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